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The 5 most expensive places to buy property in Liverpool

Posted on: 26/03/2021

Liverpool is more than just the home of the Beatles. It is a maritime city in northwest England that was an important trade and migration port between the 18th and 20th centuries. The city of Liverpool is a growing one and there has been a recent mass development, with schemes like the Northern Powerhouse rail contributing a huge amount of investment into the city.

Schemes like this in the area have led to a steady increase in the average price of houses in Liverpool, although the prices are still well below those in more popular regions like London and Manchester. And when prices and quality are compared with houses from those other cities, the value of houses in Liverpool is quite obvious. And considering there is a wide array of house types and areas, first-time homebuyers should regard Liverpool as a great option for them. There are several affordable housing areas in Liverpool, but if you are ready to splash some cash, then there are several houses that might suit your taste.

Here at Quick Property Buyer, we have prepared this article on the 5 most expensive places to buy property in Liverpool (as in January 2021).

5. Crosby (Average of £283,212)

Crosby is a lively but serene area of Liverpool. It has a very impressive lake and beautiful sandy shores. Crosby is also home to Anthony Gromley’s art installation, “Another Place”, which is made up of a hundred life-sized iron men sculptures looking out to sea. It is a vibrant coastal town and is bursting with life with several bars, shops, and amenities. It is a perfect living environment for creatives and business professionals.

4. Mossley Hill (Average of £287,109)

Mossley Hill is a suburb that is located to the south of Liverpool. The area is made up of some amazing parks, including Greenbank park which is one of the most popular in Liverpool. There are also some very good schools on offer as well as the popular Penny Lane. The area is made up of several semi-detached houses, detached houses, terraced streets, and some large Victorian villas.

3. Allerton (Average of £290,133)

Allerton is a small town located just a few miles away from the city centre. It is full of great pubs, local shops, and restaurants. Allerton is a perfect place to settle a family because of its proximity to the city centre and its great family homes with relatively affordable prices. It also has a range of highly rated primary and secondary schools. Living in Allerton as a family, you have everything you need very close to you.

2. Hightown (Average of £325,446)

Hightown is one of the many upmarket suburbs in Liverpool located just off the coast, and it has a wide choice of housing options. Lying right on the coast near the boundary between the Mersey Estuary and Liverpool Bay, Hightown is well endowed with great beaches and beautiful parklands. It is no surprise the properties here are so highly-sought.

1. Formby (Average of £361,074)

There is probably no shock that Formby is on the top of this list. It is mostly a residential area that is quite a distance away from the noise of the city centre. It has a great close-knit community feel, and it is a great place for young families to settle as well as old people looking to retire.

There are several high-quality schools in the area like, Freshfield Primary School and Formby High School. It must be a pretty nice place to live if so many top footballers and athletes have their homes in Formby.

The steady development of places in Liverpool means that it will most likely attract more interest as time goes on, and in turn, house prices will go up. It is a good time for you to consider buying a house in Liverpool before these prices become even higher.

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