Sell Your Property Fast in the East Midlands

1. QPB can buy fast in these locations in East Midlands

If you are looking to sell a property fast in the East Midlands, we cover the whole region including the following locations:

  • Amber Valley
  • Derbyshire Dales
  • Mansfield
  • Ashfield
  • Durham
  • Newark
  • Bassetlaw
  • East Lindsey
  • Northampton
  • Blaby
  • Erewash
  • Nottingham
  • Bolsover
  • Gedling
  • Long Eaton
  • Boston
  • Grantham
  • Rushcliffe
  • Bosworth
  • High Peak
  • Rutland
  • Broxtowe
  • Hinckley
  • Sherwood
  • Charmwood
  • Kettering
  • South Holland
  • Chesterfield
  • Leicester
  • Swadlingcote
  • Corby
  • Lincoln
  • Wellingborough
  • Daventry
  • Loughborough
  • West Bridgford
  • Derby
  • Melton
  • Worksop
  • Skegness

properties in East Midlands

2. About East Midlands

  • (i) As at June 2020, the average property price was £200,682 which was a 4.5% rise from the year before.
  • (ii) The region is made up of the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire (except North and North East Lincolnshire), Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland.
  • (iii) The most populous settlements in the region are Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Mansfield, Northampton and Nottingham. Other notable settlements include Boston, Chesterfield, Corby, Grantham, Hinckley, Kettering, Loughborough, Newark-on-Trent, Skegness, Wellingborough, and Worksop.
  • (iv) In 2018, there were 5.1million residents in the East Midlands region with an average age of 40.8 years.
  • (v) Population density of the East Midlands was 309 residents per square kilometre. The population grew by 13.3% since 2002 and population average age increased by 1.7 years in the same period.
  • (vi) Based on the census, there were 2.39 residents per household in 2011. This means there are about 2.133 million dwellings in the region.

3. Property Styles in the East Midlands

Brick is the material of choice in the East Midlands sourced from the layers of clay that lie beneath Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire. Moving west, you can also see more houses made of Marlstone, which is a golden brown or orange red ironstone sourced from the limestone belt running through the area.

The roofs of houses in the East Midlands are very varied. They can made with warm red pantiles compete with a selection of slates, from blue-grey to a pinkish purple. Thatch is quite common, and roofing of local Swithland stone – ‘slates’ cut from local granite seams – is to be found to the north of Leicester.

4. Sales in East Midlands: Purchases by Quick Property Buying companies

The following properties have been bought in the East Midlands by Quick Property Buying companies:

DE12 6QH 9 princess avenue, linton, swadlincote, DE12 6QH
DE14 3TX 34 marlow drive, branston, burton-on-trent. DE14 3TX
DE22 2BJ 37 portreath drive allestree derby
DE5 8RF 20 danesby crescent. Denby. Ripley DE5 8RF
DE55 7PB 8 derwent grove, alfreton DE55 7PB
DE56 4HE 11 lodge close duffield
DE6 2HF Bryn-mar dove street ellastone ashbourne DE6 2HF with title number SF560080
DE75 7PG 64 fletcher street. Heanor. Derbyshire DE75 7PG
E24 4DA 60 high street wainfleet skegness t/n LL295884
LE1 5SN Flat 20 stibbe lofts 11 newarke street leicester t/no LT354817
LE10 0LD 66A john nichols street, hinckley, LE10 0LD
LE2 9BP 15 lydall road, leicester LE2 9BP
LE2 9FS 44 runcorn road, leicester, LE2 9FS
LE2 9SD 23 royston close, leicester LE2 9SD with title number LT189024
LE4 0GN 23 roydene crescent leicester

properties Leicester

LE4 0SN 19 dunire close, leicester LE4 0SN
LE67 6HL Ivy leigh, leicester road, ibstock LE67 6HL
LE7 4XT 4 hassall mews, rearsby LE7 4XT
LE7 7SE 20A swithland lane rothley leicester and land on the north side os 20A swithland lanet/nos. LT165972 & LT234349
LE9 8HE 61 stapleton lane. Barwell LE9 8HE
NG11 6DY 6 the green, ruddington, nottingham NG11 6DY.
NG12 3PP 22 whitelands, cotgrave, nottingham, NG12 3PP
NG12 5LD 50 croft road keyworth t/no NT183310
NG16 2PA 2 troon close. Kimberley. Nottingham NG16 2PA
NG17 4NH 13 abington avenue, sutton-in-ashfield, NG17 4NH, with title number NT73408
NG17 5GA Sunny court, 66 station road,. Sutton-in-ashfield NG17 5GA
NG17 5LY 21 buckland close. Sutton -in- ashfield. Nottinghamshire NG17 5LY
NG18 2PL 39 montague street, mansfield NG18 2PL
NG18 4FJ Apartment 2, the stables, berry hill lane,. Mansfield NG18 4FJ
NG19 8PN 12 sandringham drive mansfield woodhouse mansfield
NG22 8QU 16 scarborough road bilsthorpe t/no NT211861
NG24 2SD Olgwenver back lane barnby newark NG24 2SD with title number NT302270
NG24 4ET 56 cranmer road, newark
NG3 2BH 175 windmill lane, nottingham NG3 2BH
NG3 2LP 9 kelham green, nottingham NG3 2LP under title number NT137807
NG34 7HY 12 park crescent. Sleaford lincolnshire NG34 7HY
NG34 9FG 15 oak way heckington. Sleaford NG34 9FG
NG4 2PZ 56 conway crescent. Carlton. Nottingham NG4 2PZ
NG5 3JD 26 loarwood grove nottingham title no NT26409
NG6 8BZ 42 fenton drive. Nottingham. NG6 8BZ

Properties Nottingham

NG8 1JY 71 hollinwell avenue nottingham NG8 1JY with title number NT533111
NG9 4GJ 8 lark close beeston nottingham
NN10 0EP 40 bradfield close rushden northamptonshire t/no NN114565
NN10 0NB 26 bedford road rushden
NN10 6BU 39 north street, rushden, NN10 6BU
NN10 9LS 5 high street, wymington
NN11 2PG 11 rievaulx way, daventry, NN11 2PG
NN11 6JL Windmill cottage. Windmill lane staverton daventry NN11 6JL
NN16 8QJ 61 nelson street, kettering, NN16 8QJ with title number NN193463
NN18 0JU 31 shoregham court, corby, t/no NN238591
NN2 8EA 57 central avenue, northampton, NN2 8EA with title number NN19611
NN2 8SB 14 ash rise, northampton, NN2 8SB
NN3 2JT 6 chestnut terrace, northampton NN3 2JT
NN3 8DF 96 greatmeadow, blackthorn
NN5 6FW Garage, 17 einstein crescent, duston, northampton NN5 6FW and. 17 einstein crescent, duston NN5 6FW
NN7 4HW 1 council houses, little brington, northampton NN7 4HW
NN9 5EZ 53 oxford street. Finedon. Wellingborough NN9 5EZ

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