Why Choose Quick Property Buyer?

1. Why Quick Property Buyer?

Our people have been buying properties for more than 20 years and are experts in all matters property. We have seen all the issues before and our second to none service means that we are able to streamline the process to make it as fast and stress free as possible. No more viewings, no more uncertainties, no more estate agents.

Unlike some companies, we buy the properties with our own cash. There is no delaying the process to try and raise the funds or passing you on to other companies. You will then be able to have the confidence that the process will be as quick or as slow as suits your needs, especially if you are also in a chain or buying an onward property.

We can also release some funds to you on exchange of contracts if this suits your needs.

We will try to have the same contact person at the company for you throughout the process, so you are not being contacted by random people at random times. Our service is based on reputation and recommendation so we aim to provide you with nothing other than a 5 star service.

Just give us a try. There is no obligation to accept our offers and the process is entirely free.

2. Is Quick Property Buyer 100% Free?

Yes! Other similar companies charge you for the surveys which are not cheap, but not us. We charge you no fees and pay for everything.

If you use one of our panel of independent solicitors, we will pay all legal costs. Of course you can use your own solicitor and only in that instance would you pay for this, although this may slow the timescales to completion down. We would also pay for the survey and the EPC. Also you would save on not having to pay estate agents costs.

3. Who buys your property?

We do. We buy your property with our own cash. No mortgage companies or investors are involved in the purchase of the property from you.

4. What does Quick Property Buyer do with the Property afterwards?

We will put it back on the market to try to sell it or try doing it up to sell.

5. Does Quick Property Buyer offer any guarantees

Yes. Once the survey has come back in order, Quick Property Buyer guarantees to buy your property at the agreed amount and will not pull out, thus giving you reassurance. We also guarantee to act professionally and in a transparent way on every transaction. We also guarantee that, unlike some companies, we will not drop the price before exchange.

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