Stamp Duty Calculator

Calculate with Quick Property Buyer’s stamp duty calculator:

(a) Stamp Duty in England and Northern Ireland (SDLT);
(b) Land Transaction Tax in Wales (LTT); or
(c) Land and Buildings Transaction Tax in Scotland (LBTT) with Additional Dwelling Supplement (ADS).

For ease the generic term "stamp duty" will be used throughout for all UK regions. This calculator contains the most up to date rates following the introduction of the stamp duty holidays for each region until 31st March 2021.

Calculate how much stamp duty you would need to pay:

  1. Enter the Purchase Price;
  2. Enter in Property Region, whether the property is in England/Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland’;
  3. Select "Single Property" or "Additional Property"; and
  4. Click the "Calculate Stamp Duty" button for your stamp duty amount and calculations.

Stamp Duty Calculator

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Property Region
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