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How to sell my home in the fastest time and for the most profit?

Posted on: 18/05/2021

If you are hoping to sell your home quickly, but also want to make sure it is priced correctly and you receive the profit that you deserve, this article can help you piece together the information needed in order to accomplish that.

When you are beginning the process of selling, it can be an overwhelming task deciding which type of selling process to go through. There are several methods and different ones will benefit certain circumstances better than others.

1. Methods of selling


The timeline for selling with an estate agent is similar, usually three to four months. The positive of working with an estate agent is that you have access to their expertise in pricing, selling, and closing. You have someone who has done the process hundreds of times guiding you throughout. They take a decent fee for their work, but for some, it is worth it for the guidance.


With this option, you still receive guidance from an expert, but with less direct contact. They can advise you on pricing and selling processes, but you will have to show the house and interact with sellers yourself.


You have the option of moving through the process on your own if you feel comfortable. When you are selling your home yourself, the results you get often come from the effort you put in. The time it takes to sell will often reflect how much time and attention you gave selling your home. You will not have access to the same real estate and home searching sites that sellers working with professional estate agents do. However, if selling yourself, you do get to avoid a hefty fee.


If you decide to sell your house through an auction process, you may think that the sale will go quickly. On the day of the auction, the sale will move very fast, but setting an auction sale up to succeed is a time-consuming task. You need to advertise the home enough beforehand to make sure you have sellers on the day of the auction.

When the day of the auction arrives, things will move quickly and you will not have to deal with contingencies and buyer requests as that is something auction sales get to avoid entirely. The house is sold as-is. Though, with advertisement and trying to build excitement around the house, an auction process can take two to three months.


Property buying companies are another version of professional help. They can price and purchase your home in 7-14 days. This option offers a quick, reliable way to sell your home and receive the profit you deserve for it. Many of the other options for listing and selling require payments and interactions with many types of professionals throughout the process. Property buying companies can take care of that work for you.

2. Selling Quickly

Whether or not you have decided the type of selling process you think is best for your situation, here are some helpful pieces of information regarding different aspects of selling or selling quick:


There are many factors that can affect the sale time of a home and the method of selling you choose. The desirability, location, the process of selling that you choose and whether there is a chain. The average selling time for a home through an estate is three months to four months. This length of time is affected by a number of factors which could make the selling time shorter or longer. For a quick buying company, the average is 2 weeks.


What is a buying and selling chain? This occurs when one sale of a house is dependent on the sale of another. The first house sold in the chain will use the money earned from the that sale to buy the second house in the chain and so on. The second house can only be purchased with the profit from the first house if the first home is sold. This process can add more pressure to the already stressful scenario of selling and purchasing a home. Home sales fall through and that can break a chain. In 2016, three out of ten homes for sale had experienced at least one sale falling through.. In the latter part of 2018, nearly 50% of property sales fell victim to chain breaks.


Spring is the best time to try and sell your property. If your time is flexible and you do not need to sell your home in a hurry, putting it up during a busy season can be extremely beneficial. A quick sale is beneficial for many reasons and one of those is the reputation it leaves with your house.

If you list your home during an off-season and it stays on market for a long period of time because of it, this may imply to potential buyers that your home is not desirable. It could also appear as though something about the house is hidden from buyers even if that is not the case. It is beneficial to avoid listing your house in winter if you can.


The quickest way to sell your property is through a buying company like us here at Quick Property Buyer. We can complete in as little as 7 days.

3.​Selling Property for the most profit


There are hundreds of small and large costs that you do not see coming when you decide to sell your home. Make sure you plan ahead and research the process, so that you are aware of the fees you will need to pay. Take the time to research the selling process that will work best for you. This research also includes carefully selecting the estate agents and other professionals you want to work with should you choose to go that route instead of a private sale. A private sale can help you avoid some of these hidden costs and the larger more obvious costs, like the 3% estate agent fee.

Understandably, most people want to sell their homes as quickly as possible. The process is overwhelming, complicated, and can require a seemingly endless amount of paperwork and effort. Having the whole process be as short as possible both minimizes the time spent worrying about your sale and puts a profit in your pocket faster.

To sell your home as quickly as possible, it is important to take your time and do research before you begin. Figure out what type of sale process you want to go through, the fees and requirements of that process, and the time of year you want to sell. This is time well spent and will often shorten the time you spend on the market once you begin.


There are many ways to make your house physically more appealing to buyers in order to get a quicker sale for more profit. These include giving it a deep clean, decluttering it, staging it, sprucing up your garden and having great lighting. Please see out article on 10 Tips To Sell Property Quickly During Covid-19.

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