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Posted on: 28/11/2020

Many UK residents consider the vast US real estate market for their business ventures. Although imperfect, the US offers many advantages, including dependable real estate investment opportunities, affordable housing costs, and simple mortgage financing, among other tempting offers. 

We compiled well-informed insights from UK investors' recent trends, historical patterns, and prospects from active stakeholders. The expert insights aided in the curation of accurate information on the US market outlook and all essentials UK citizens require when renting, purchasing, or selling a residential house in the US.

The Business-Friendly Climate in America

Can UK citizens buy and sell real estate in the United States? Definitely.

British citizens have purchased real estate in the United States for centuries, and the trend appears unchanging. Foreign nationals, including UK citizens, can buy real estate in the United States with few restrictions. 

Even better, UK citizens who meet certain criteria can obtain a mortgage to finance home purchases even if they do not have a credit history in the United States. Some US-based lenders use alternative underwriting guidelines to provide mortgage solutions to those with little or no credit history in the US. Foreign nationals are typically provided with competitive home financing options.

Home buyers can start the buying process if they have enough money. UK residents face few legal constraints regarding selling, and the transaction can begin whenever the seller and buyer are ready.

The Purchasing/Sale Procedure

UK citizens have no restrictions on purchasing or selling residential property in the US, whether they live in the country or not. This benefit is available to non-resident foreign investors looking to buy property for investment or vacation purposes and resident foreign nationals looking to acquire a residence in the United States.

When deciding on a location, the buyer should consider commute time, community type, and nearby amenities such as schools and hospitals. Similarly, non-resident international investors should research the best states and regions in the United States, depending on their needs.

Both sellers and buyers should work with reputable real estate agents. Choosing a professional real estate agent with sufficient experience working with foreign buyers is critical. Buyers may face numerous potential obstacles and errors if the agent lacks the necessary expertise. A real estate agent with a professional certification, particularly the Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), is the best to help with the transaction. 

It is also critical that you understand your tax situation. If you sell, you must pay taxes only on the net income generated by the property, not on any appreciation in value. 

UK citizens, like any other US citizen, must pay property taxes on real estate in the US. Furthermore, UK homebuyers may be subject to additional tax obligations if they earn rental income from US real estate or profit from the sale of US real estate.

When purchasing a home, you must conduct a thorough inspection. You can hire a professional inspector to ensure the house's physical integrity and identify any construction flaws. If everything checks out, you can move forward with the transaction. 

The Importance of Hiring a Local Locksmith in The United States

Purchasing a new home is an exciting experience for buyers. However, it is critical that you precisely follow all of the home-buying ground rules.

Most importantly, you must seek the assistance of a professional locksmith. A local locksmith can assist in changing all locks on doors and windows as well as conducting a thorough home security inspection. The seller usually bears the cost of hiring a locksmith, which should be specified in the sales agreement. In the US, it is standard practice for buyers to liaise with a local locksmith before purchasing a property. The Nationwide Locksmiths Locator can help you find a qualified local locksmith.

A good locksmith should provide a comprehensive service. All locks on doors and windows, including the front, back, garage, and other entry points like windows, should be changed. The locksmith should also provide new keys to the homeowner, advise the homeowner on how to prevent break-ins and keep the entire security system up to date. 

Final Thoughts

With proper guidance, UK citizens can buy or sell property in the US without any trouble or added procedures. From the legal standpoint to the ground rules of homeownership, this information can assist in navigating each of the processes easily. More importantly, UK citizens should seek the assistance of licensed professionals at all stages of the process. Agents, lawyers, brokers, locksmiths, and security specialists can assist in navigating all of the processes and avoiding numerous potential stumbling blocks.

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