The most luxurious properties on the market in New Zealand

Posted on: 05/01/2021

Here at Quick Property Buyer we have looked at the five most luxurious properties currently on the market in New Zealand.

5. Westhaven Retreat in Tasman

This retreat in Tasman is selling for NZ$22.5 million. It is one of the most expensive and most exceptional properties on the market in New Zealand right now. The property comes with a large pool as well its own private beach.  

4. Wharenui

This property in Wharenui has been designed by Simon Carnachan and continues to represent the ultimate in resort style living. The central area is taken up by a heated pool and spa with all of the buildings surrounding that pool. There is also a teppanyaki hotplate, games rooms and a tennis court.

3. Pinnacle Place

This property is located on the grandstand of Queenstown and provides a panoramic view of Lake Wakatipu and of Queenstown Bay. This is a very large property consisting of 879 m² of internal space. This house has a home theatre, bar, temperature-controlled wine cellar and also a six-car garage.

2. Wyuna Rise

Apparently, the objective of both the sellers and the architect of this property was to construct an eagles nest which can overlook the entire Wyuna preserve development. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the property provides unobstructed views of the mouths of Greenstone, Dart and Rees rivers.

There are more than 750 m² of internal space, it has an amphitheatre, helipad, spa and sauna.

1. Te Rere Cove Estate

This extraordinary property which has been featured in a music video, is one of the most valuable waterfront properties in New Zealand. It comes with 14 hectares of vineyards, a sophisticated wine cellar and of course its own helipad.

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