Posted on: 12/05/2021

You may want to sell your house fast for any number of reasons, although that may not always be so possible. Indeed there is no denying that most people see the task of selling a house as a strenuous one. The whole process of getting a reliable agent, looking out for potential buyers, making the house look good and even getting the paperwork done is a hassle that many simply do not enjoy.

When there is a time constraint, it becomes even more difficult. But the truth is, knowing the techniques of selling a property quickly can be necessary if you need to raise cash quickly or relocate urgently for work or any other reason.

Even though you may know the tricks of selling a house quickly, the property may still not sell fast due to the market itself. When the market is slow, your techniques may not be enough, you may need to know how to still make the best sale despite the market conditions.

If the Property is not Selling

Engage more than 1 estate agent: Increasing the marketing of your house is key when you want to sell it. This means it may be better to engage more than one estate agent so as to get more potential viewers and, ultimately, the ideal buyer. This is a very effective way of selling your house fast when you don’t have much time or the market is slow, although you will of course have to pay more commission.

Use social media: A great under utilised way of making people know about the house is through social media. You could even add pictures online and ask people spread the information on your behalf- a friend of your friend may be on the lookout for a new house. The good thing about social media is the free publicity, you don’t have to pay any commission to anyone.

Quick Buying Companies: You can also invite house buying companies to buy the house if you are running out of time. These companies will make the whole process faster because, unlike potential individual buyers, they don’t pay particular attention to the location or other market conditions.

Things to do to Sell your House Quickly

Here are a few important tips to sell your house quickly:

  1. Research the price of similar houses in your neighborhood. This helps you to know if your house is not unreasonably overpriced. Focus on the sold prices rather than the asking prices.
  2. When the market is slow and you really want to sell your house fast, reduce the price so that you can get ahead of competitors and create more viewings.
  3. Engage your conveyancing solicitor early in the process. Go with a recommendation to someone who is efficient.
  4. Look for an estate agent with experience in your type of property and who is motivated, this will help you get the right buyer on time.
  5. Declutter your house.
  6. If you have many buyers to select from, it is always better to pick those ones that are ready to move in right away, so as to prevent wasting time. Do not get emotionally connected to certain buyers.
  7. Make a list of local amenities around and their distance from the house. This gives you an edge as you will be giving your potential buyers something to consider while viewing. Sometimes having a hospital, playground or recreational centre around may make the difference.
  8. (viii) Motivate your estate agent by offering an incentive. You may tell them that if the sale is made within a month, you would increase their commission by a certain percentage. This will make them put in more effort.

Getting Your House Ready For a Quick Sale

Even after making plans to sell your house fast and practicing all the tricks to get the right buyer, you may not be able to sell your house if it does not look attractive to potential buyers. If you think that the buyer will probably change most things in the house so they won’t pay attention to the small details, you may be mistaken.

Here are some simple steps to prepare your house for a quick sale:

  • Keep the house organised. You surely won’t like a potential buyer stepping on your child's toy in the dining room, it is simply not cool. Let all things be in their appropriate places.
  • Give the house a ‘fresh' look. You should polish wooden surfaces and wash your curtains to avoid your house looking old.
  • Keep curtains and windows open. This enhances the appearance of the house and makes it welcoming to the buyer.
  • Always make the house clean. This may be hard but it is totally worth it, your buyer’s interest may be automatically turned off when your tables are dusty and the whole living room is a disaster.

With these few tips, getting your house sold might be much easier. Although you have to put in lots of effort, you may be able to sell your house sooner than you could ever expect.

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