Posted on: 06/05/2021

Selling a home can be pretty stressful, it often taking a lot longer than expected. Indeed the average time to sell and complete on a property is 4 months if it completes and there is always the risk of the sale falling through.

Factors which affect the speed of sale

Various factors determine how long it would probably take for your property to be sold.

  1. The condition of your property: Whether your property looks tired and cluttered or redecorated and de-cluttered will affect how quickly you sell your property. Sometimes sprucing up your property may not get a better price, but it will certainly help to increase the speed of the sale.
  2. The level of general economic confidence in the market will determine how quickly your property sells.
  3. Price rise levels will also be a factor as high price increases comparted to lower rising average salaries may mean a spike in prices puts your property out of reach of various buyers.
  4. State of the mortgage market is another factor. If getting a mortgage becomes increasingly difficult for the average buyer, this will of course affect how quickly your property will sell. When mortgagees require higher deposits such as they do now, it effectively slows down the first time buyer market which then has a trickle up effect right up the market.
  5. The location of the property is another factor. There are certain areas where houses are just swooped on quicker than others. And of course, there are locations where properties sell relatively slowly.
  6. The quality of your estate agent and solicitor is another factor. Some are just a lot more efficient than others and a slow agent or conveyancer can really slow the sale down.

Steps to sell you property quicker

If you want to sell your home quickly, some things you can do include:

  1. Improve your home: This could be redecorating it, decluttering it, sprucing up the garden or simply fixing the little leaks in the house. Making home improvements for your property will certainly increase the chances of your property selling quickly.
  2. Use professional people: Do not put up with anyone who is slow. Make sure you get recommendations, especially for your solicitor
  3. Use different methods to sell: Going through estate agents is not the only way you can sell your property, and you should consider alternative methods because they could turn out to be far quicker.
  4. Prepare all your documents in advance: You want to ensure that you have all the documents that are necessary in advance, so that you do not face any delays in the process of selling your house

A super quick alternative would be for you to use a quick property buying service such as with Quick Property Buyer. We can purchase your property for cash in as little as 7 days and also cover all the costs. We would even go along with a timescale created on your own terms.

There are a few advantages and disadvantages that you have to consider before you use a quick house sale service like ours. Some of these are:


  1. All the legal fees are included.
  2. No estate agent fees to pay
  3. You do not have a constant flow of viewers into your house.
  4. Completion of the transaction is guaranteed.
  5. You can get cash for another project very quickly.
  6. The service is very fast so you don’t have to spend on bills you would pay if you used the normal open market route.
  7. This provides a quick solution to fix a chain break.


  1. Know the value of your house and do not let anyone trick you into lowering it.
  2. Ensure that no extra fees would be added later during the selling process.
  3. Read every line of the contract to ensure there are no tie-ins or other such problematic clauses.

If you notice that it is taking a long time for your property to sell, or you do not think you can wait for an estate agent, then you should contact us at Quick Property Buyer and experience our very quick, no obligation instant cash offer.

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