The 5 most luxurious properties on the market in Sweden

Posted on: 25/03/2021

One of the most expensive areas in all of Sweden is Bromma which is a suburb located in the north west of Stockholm. It is not uncommon to pay approximately $2 million for a single family home here. However, for $2 million you can go to a very expensive street in a place such as the northern Västernorrland region and purchase four or five single-family homes for the same amount of money.

The second most expensive family owned property in Sweden was recently sold at Norrstigen which is on the beautiful island of Lidingö. That expensive property was sold for US$1.5 million.

Another one was sold in Norevägen in Danderyd for about US$1.4 million. The majority of expensive properties in Sweden can be found in Östermalm where you can expect to pay approximately $12,000 per square metre.

So here at Quick Property Buyer, we have looked at the priciest properties on the market in Sweden.

5. Lambs väg

Anyone who comes to this area will quickly see that this property is in an amazing position next to the sea. There is even a separate building which can be used for a workshop or for small-scale industrial operations. On top of the workshop area there is a large residential apartment while the lower level has an office, a reception area, wash room, gym and bathroom.

Furthermore, on the first floor there is a bar, sauna and shower. It is also possible to gain access to the residential apartment on the upper floor by making use of a separate entrance. There are several balconies which provide an extraordinary view over the surrounding sea and the archipelago.

This property is on sale for US$2.9 million.

4. Ytterhall

This is an absolutely stunning property which is surrounded by water on three sides. This is a property which has been constructed on its own half island and even has its own seaside garden. This property which is 432 m² was first constructed in 1917. High quality materials were used in the construction, all of which date back to the time of the original construction. As anyone can see from the image, the property has extraordinary views over the surrounding region. There is also an additional wing and guest house which simply makes it an extremely viable opportunity for a large family.

This property is up for sale for US$3.4 million.

3. Djursholm

Anyone acquainted with this lovely property will know that this is indeed one of the most beautiful homes in Djursholm. It used to be the vicarage of Danderyd Parish. However, currently this property is a luxurious family home which provides residents with every convenience.

This beautiful property was constructed in 1915. One of the most famous architects of the time was Karl Güettler who was employed to design this property for the Church of Sweden. It is located on 700 m² of real estate with the actual living space totaling 476 m². This is the perfect family home for those who want to entertain regularly.

This property is on sale for US$4.2 million.

2. Värmdö

This seaside property is made even more unique because of the superb location on the extremely desirable west side of Vindö Island. Because of this the residents have the pleasure of an extraordinary view of the Älgöfjärden inlet and also beyond that to Vindöström.

There are several buildings on this amazing property. In addition to the main house, there is also a guest house and for the health conscious among us there is also a wood fired sauna and also a garage which can occupy two vehicles. There are cliffs around the property as well as a low lying shoreline and the jetty is able to accommodate a sailboat.

The property is available for US$6.3 million.

1 Djursholm

There are very few properties in Sweden which can compare to this one. This is an exclusive very high quality property which is located in a protected and a private location. The property faces south west and was constructed according to an international design with a combination of plaster and wood.

Furthermore, the glass doors and a large windows provide an unobstructed view of the surrounding area. The 7 m high ceiling of the dining room adds another modern touch to this extraordinary property. The landscaped garden is absolutely amazing with multiple terraces and the beautiful pool and also the professionally installed lighting. There are five bedrooms and there is also a spa with a sauna. The kitchen is modern incorporating an elegant Binova design with numerous modern appliances.

This property is on sale for $8 million.

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