The 5 most expensive properties on the market in Morocco

Posted on: 25/03/2021

Morocco is a country with well-established traditions and a culture which has developed over many centuries. It has ancient buildings which have stood for eight centuries and more. These Moroccans knew a thing or two about building and they are perfectly able to build comfortable homes which last for decades and provide their owners with a level of comfort which reflects the bank balance of the owner. This is why in the last couple of decades, hundreds of luxury villas have been constructed which continue to be admired and coveted by everyone who see them, even if it is only from a distance.

We at Quick Property Buyer have researched into the most expensive properties on the market in Morocco (as in January 2021). So please see below.

5. Villa Marrakech

This is a beautiful home which is made all the more extraordinary by its lovely 45 metre long swimming pool which is strategically placed in front of the home. Then there is also the fact that the designers did a remarkable job of lining up the property with the Atlas Mountains. There is an extensive landscaped garden measuring 4 hectares which is planted with date palm trees, olive trees, and various kinds of citrus trees.

There are both European and Moroccan living rooms and also a massive master bedroom as well as four other en-suite bedrooms.

This property is on the market for $6 million.

4. Historic hill-top home in Marrakesh

On a hill top outside Marrakesh is the extraordinary hill top home stretching over 32,000 square foot. It is remarkable how the villa blends in with its surroundings. This may not be the preferred home of most westerners but to the locals this is the ultimate castle suitable for the ruler of a tribe of nomads.

This home has been named Kasbah Tagountaft and it is located in Marrakesh in Morocco. A long time ago it actually belonged to the powerful Caid of the Goundafa tribe who actively competed at the end of the 19th century for total control of the Atlas Mountains.

This property is on sale for $7.4 million.

3. Villa Fil

This villa is one of the treasures of Tangier and is very favorably situated in a tranquil and intimate neighborhood in the immediate vicinity of the Kasbah. This property provides amazing views towards the Bay of Tangier and towards Spain.

As far as interior design is concerned, this villa has it all. There is a perfect merging of all the well-known Moroccan elements but there are also contemporary aspects. This beautiful villa has a total of eight suites and there is also the swimming pool with a view over the sea. This is truly an extremely beautiful and a very unique property.

This property is available for $9.6 million.

2. Albali Villa

This is a truly exceptional property constructed on 3-hectares of valuable real estate, which provides residents with glorious views of the Atlas Mountains. Furthermore, it is only 16 km from the city centre of Marrakesh.

There are in fact two houses on this property resulting in a total of 2,500 square feet of living space. Both of these homes are fully furnished and superbly decorated by a wide collection of artifacts. The architect Karim El Achak designed this home and the landscaping of the property was the work of Camelia Bouazzaoui

This property has a price tag of $9.8 million.

1. House in Marrakesh

A truly remarkable property nestled in a palm grove designed in the contemporary style. This property has a total of 5 beautiful suites and lovelyl bathrooms. There is a parapet and black slate floor as well as a large sauna. There is also a rest room, massage room and hammam.

This property is on sale for $18 million.

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