The 5 most luxurious properties on the market right now in China

Posted on: 31/03/2021

Several large organizations have released publications regarding the Chinese property market in recent times dealing with the most luxurious homes in China. Of those in the top 10, three properties are situated in Beijing, three more in Shanghai, two in Shenzhen, one in Guangzhou and one in the city of Dalian.

These 5 Chinese cities continue to dominate the economic landscape and therefore, it is not surprising that all of the most luxurious properties on the market right now are located in these cities. These cities also continue to be very popular destinations for tourists and also for the majority of the elite in China.

Here at Quick Property Buyer, we thought we would look at the 5 most expensive on the market.

No.5 Taihe Chinese yard

This property has a price tag of 22 million yuan which is $4.6 million. It is categorized as a China courtyard villa and is located in the city of Beijing.

Seven years ago, it was rated as one of the most luxurious homes in Asia. Ever since then it has been repeatedly rated is one of the top 10 luxury residences in China. The objective was to showcase the intelligence of classical Chinese Garden architecture and was designed by Zhang Yonghe , a member of international architectural masters.

No.4 Kaixuan

One luxury apartment in this building has a price tag of 72.9 8 million yuan or US$10.5 million. It is located in Nanning and is extensively equipped with a wide variety of luxurious facilities. In 2016 the building was awarded the top 10 super mansions in Asia award.

No.3 Tomson Yipin

An apartment in this property is on sale for approximately 80 million yuan or just over US$11 million. This valuable property is situated on Lujiangzui Binjiang Avenue in the city of Shanghai.

This is a very large property spanning more than 20,000 m².This building has 44 floors and has a total height of 153 m.

No.2 Shenzhen Bay

An apartment in this property is on sale for between 100 and 180 million yuan which converts to over US$14 million. It is located in the city of Shenzhen and provides a lovely view of the sea because of its close location to the Shenzhen Bay Lake.

The building is a large-scale and high-end urban complex which combines hotels, residences, offices and businesses. When one considers that the average price of a new home in China is now approximately 190 000 yuan, then one may be able to grasp the minimum price of 100 million yuan for this property.

No.1 Sunac·Suzhou Taohuayuan

This property is located in the city of Suzhou on an island on a lake. The design is Chinese style courtyard. The Wall Street Journal has valued this property at 1 billion yuan, so is the most expensive property in China.

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